Brass and Woodwind

Mediterranean Music Ltd sells a vast range of brass instruments and Woodwind instruments, including trumpets, cornets, French horns, Flugel horns, euphoniums, althorns, brass bass instruments, flutes, saxophones and clarinets (B-flat and E-flat).

MML offers professional band and orchestra instruments manufactured by Amati, one of the leading brass and wind instrument manufacturers worldwide.

Amati - Denak is a Czech company renowned for manufacturing fine European high quality woodwind and brass musical instruments (both piston and rotary valves). Amati boasts of a skilled work force and brings together a strong tradition with modern technology needed in manufacturing band instruments. Amati’s brass musical instruments product range includes all kinds of common musical instruments, from flutes to tubas and their accessories.

Amati enjoys a worldwide reputation for producing high quality instruments. Every instrument produced by Amati is fully serviced and play tested before being sold. The company enjoys a long list of satisfied customers, from amateurs to professionals, around the world.

Are you looking for a clarinet mouthpiece, saxophone and clarinet reeds, ligatures and caps, mouthpiece cushions. At Mediterranean Music Ltd we import wind instrument reeds and accessories manufactured by Vandoren - Paris.

We also sell high-quality music stands, Cherub mechanicaland digital metronomes, and music books.

If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please send us an enquiry through our email form in the Contact Us section, we look forward to assist you.

CL3041N Aileen Bb Clarinet

Features: - Standard clarinet - Bb Tone - Ebonite body - 17 nickel silver keys...

SP1011G Professional Alto Saxophone

High F# Eb Key Golden Lacquer professional quality saxophone

TP8002N Aileen Student Trumpet