String Instruments

Mediterranean Music Ltd’s range of string instruments spans from Starfire electric guitars, bass guitars and classical guitars to Yamada, Stentor and Strunal violins, violas, cellos and double bass.

Aileen is a renowned firm that produces excellent electric lead and bass guitars for students, while Stentor and Strunal are internationally-renowned and established manufacturers of string instruments like violins, cellos and double bass.

Mediterranean Music Ltd also imports Pirastro, the high-quality violin, viola, cello, bass and guitar strings manufacturer.
Very popular with violin players are Wolf shoulder rests, which provide great comfort to violin players. Rosin, violin bows, violin cases, and violin parts are also available.

At MML you will find many string instrument accessories including guitar soft cases, guitar hard cases, foot stools, leg rests, music stands, Cherub metronomes, Cherub tuners, amplifiers and lead cables, etc… .

Our Guitar Deluxe Series Bags are very popular because they incorporate various sized pockets ideal to hold lead wires, mobile phones, books, etc, and can also be detached into separate bags for further ease of use.

We also sell guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers and PA systems.

If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please send us an enquiry through our email form in the Contact Us section.