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EASY WINNERS Piano accompaniment for trumpet and trombone



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Easy Winners is a fantastic collection of popular pieces from stage to film, classical to pop, which will provide Trumpet or Trombone players with great enjoyment. This is the Piano Accompeniment part.



  1. Allemande [Mesangeau, Rene]
  2. Aria [Kellner, David]
  3. Bouree [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  4. Bourree [Baron, Ernst Gottlieb]
  5. Bourree [Jalinek, Ivan]
  6. Bourree [Logy, Johann Anton]
  7. Bourree [Visee, Robert De]
  8. Canary [Purcell, Henry]
  9. Chaconne [Visee, Robert De]
  10. Courante [Anon]
  11. Gavotta [Roncalli, Ludovico]
  12. Gavotte [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  13. Gavotte [Logy, Johann Anton]
  14. Gavotte [Reusner, Esaias]
  15. Gavotte [Telemann, Georg Philipp]